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It’s been such a ridiculously long time since I’ve caught up with you guys. I feel very bad about being so slack on the blogging front, but you know how it is… life gets in the way.

I figure I’ll try and be a little more regulated about how often I’m posting over here and how often I’m keeping you all up to date with what’s happening in general. The goal is to post every monday and catch up, and  hopefully you guys won’t be left thinking I’ve fallen off the face of the planet.

My poor friend Alice who I know in ‘Real Life’ was recently hunted down and contacted by one of my Frankie Rose readers asking if I was still alive because they hadn’t seen me post in a long time and they were worried about me. That kind of brought it home for me haha! So here I am, blogging like a good girl.

Question is, where to start…

I guess you guys know Lili Saint Germain and I went to yet another Supernatural event recently and got to hang out with the boys again. There’s not much to say about that, other than this time our duo was actually a trio – the lovely CJ Duggan joined us and popped her convention cherry in fine style. We had a pretty awesome time….

The RARE Montreal book signing that took place on the 12th of this month was fricken’ awesome. I had such a good time, and was lucky enough to get to spend some more time with year-round badasses Lesley Jones and Tillie Cole. Lesley Jones seriously knows how to put away a bottle of white wine. Seriously, having a drink with that woman is dangerous!

While I was at that signing, Helena Hunting challenged me with the task of returning Leisa Rayven’s stolen jeans to her, which I gladly accepted. These jeans will have been on a huge road trip by the time I give ’em back to Leisa in Melbourne next month–all over Canada, America and Australia.

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Some of you may know I just spent the last little while in LA doing the tourist thing for the summer, which was amazing! I have some incredible friends in Los Angeles and it was so great to be able to hang out and settle into some California living.

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Of course, all that sun, sea and surf kinda killed my productivity and Rebel paid the price. Now that I’m back in Sydney and working again, I am back on track and our boy is due to have his release soon. Speaking of Rebel, the second book in the Dead Man’s Ink Series now has a cover! I am really pleased with how it’s turned out… I know you guys probably wanna see it right away, but be patient 😀 It’s worth it, I promise. It’ll be released in just a couple of days and then you guys can bask in the glory of the tattooed hottie I found to represent Rebel.

You’ll all know about Audible picking up rights for my books, and you’ll know the Blood & Roses has already been released and is doing very well both in the states and in Australia. But now I have some very exciting news…

REBEL will be released in audio format in just under 48 hours! How crazy is that?? I haven’t even heard a sample yet. I think it’s probable that I’ll get to hear it for the first time when it goes live, but if by any chance I do get some audio samples through in the next day or so, I swear I’ll share them on here. I am so keen to know what the voice actor Audible selected to read Rebel’s parts sounds like! It’s killing me!

Aside from that, I’ve been working on a number of projects, which people have been asking me about. For your information, please see my expected release dates below:

Rogue (Book 2 in the Dead Man’s Ink Series. Written as Callie Hart) : October 20

Summer (Book 2 in the Four seasons Series. Written as Frankie Rose) : November 1

Untitled (Book 2 in the Chaos & Ruin Series. Written as Callie Hart) : December 15

Untitled (Book 3 in the Blood & Fire Series. Written as Frankie Rose) : February 2016

I have a number of sekrit projects that are in the works right now, so keep your eyes peeled for those brand spanking new projects, hitting your FB timeline soon.

Book Signings!

I have a number of book signings coming up! Melbourne is fast approaching on the horizon next month. If you’re in Australia and you can make that signing, it’s going to be incredible! So many amazing authors will be in attendance, and it’s a huge honour to sign alongside them.

Edinburgh in April next year also has a stellar line up. I can’t wait for that one either  🙂

There are a bunch of other signings I’ve agreed to participate in but I’ve been asked to keep things on the down low, so watch this space because 2016 is filling up fast!

If there’s any other info you’re waiting on me for right now, please feel free to comment below and I’ll get right back to you, guys!

love ya!

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  • Kathleen haran

    Omg …….. so many exciting things comming our way ! REBEL on AUDIO OMG!!!!! Cant wait for ROUGE and SUMMER !!! Thanks for the update x x x have a fab day Callie x x x

  • Leisa Rayven

    Do I need to pay a ransom for the pants? Maybe some half-eaten meat? Tell me your terms, lady. 🙂

  • Carol

    Looking forward to all these releases! Thanks for update. Once again congrats on your books going audio!

  • Crystal Peik

    Hooray for more REBEL – in audio and in ROGUE! I feel like I’ve been waiting forever ;-). Speaking of impatience, I see no updates here on TriBeCa and Bleecker St? Please tell me you haven’t decided not to do them? I will be crushed!

  • Vivian

    Eek!!!! That is super exciting that REBEL will be out in audio as well! I can’t wait to hear Rebel’s voice *wink*. And ROGUE coming out a day after my birthday…happy birthday to be! Lol. Thanks for the update! xoxo

  • Denielle Hoppe

    Can’t wait for all of it!!! It would be fanfreakintastic to listen to Rebel talk to “Soph”. So Rogue is second book…not Hellion?

  • Claudia


  • Miranda

    Absolutely can’t wait for more Rebel. And AUDIO OMGAWD. I can’t wait!!!!

  • Sara

    I am praying a 3rd book in Halo is released soon.