**Vice is a STANDALONE novel. If you would like to read more about Cade Preston, you can find him featured in both the Blood & Roses series and the Dead Man’s Ink series. However, you do NOT need to read those books in order to enjoy this one.**

In war, there are only three rules. 

Obey orders. 

Protect the guy standing next to you.

Stay alive. 

Cade Preston left the military a long time ago, but he has never ceased to live by the laws of combat. As vice president of the Widow Makers Motorcycle club, he’s been loyal. He’s fought tooth and nail to stay alive. He’s shed blood to save the lives of those who matter to him. 

And now he’s gone and done something he swore he would never do. 

He’s fallen for the one girl he can’t have. 

Cortina Villalobos is an untouchable. The daughter of one of Ecuador’s most notorious cartel leaders, she is beyond Cade’s reach in every way. Fernando Villalobos is a murderer and a madman. He will kill anyone who dares look twice at his daughter, and yet Cade can’t walk away. 

Will he disobey orders?

Will he abandon his club? 

And will taking on the House of Wolves cost him his life?

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★ "Another amazing book by Callie Hart! Once I started to read it, I knew there was no putting it down!" Morgan McGuire

★ "This is an amazing book! I loved how the action in this book kept me on the edge of me seat and engaged the whole time. The character development and suspense is awesome, there are twists and turns that made my heart jump. Cade is my new favorite book boyfriend, he is just too yummy for words.Jazminjo

★ "VICE is a fast-paced entertaining, thrilling, exciting and steamy hot read that totally blew my mind. Filled with so many exciting twists and turns. The story was so interesting and compelling that I got lost in it. It kept me engage the whole entire time." Avephoenix

★ "Cade Preston finally has his own book and wow it’s everything we wanted to know and more!!! Vice is chock full of alpha male Cade and of course justice, violence, gore, hot sex and a twist I never saw coming!!" Lorraine


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Back in 2014, I was having an affair. It was an illicit, sordid tryst that had been going on for some time. The man I was sleeping with was my peer, a man who had some control over whether my books succeeded or failed on certain platforms.

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