***Badlands is a special edition mini novella, covering themes from both the Blood & Roses series and the Dead Man's Ink series.***

Michael Aubertin has an arrangement - one that not only suits him, but also the couple he spends time with, too. No strings. No questions. No complications. Nothing could be simpler.

His work life, on the other hand...

With strange, intense women showing up on his employer's doorstep, dodging crazed English mob bosses, and dealing with a long-lost cousin on a mission, Michael's day couldn't possibly get more complicated.

Badlands is a short story, released especially for Christmas 2015. Michael will be receiving his own full-length story in late 2016.

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★ "The storyline, character, writing just swept me away! I loved it, and I can't wait for me! Thank you Callie for writing this one!!" Danielle Hodge

★ "ABSOLUTELY LOVED this!! A sweet, short & delicious taste of Michael, Zeth, Lacey, Cade & Jamie, all in Michael's POV." Kristy Heinicke

★ "He is class and badass rolled into one. I hope his character continues to gain respect in future stories. Down beneath that outer shell beats a softer, understanding heart waiting to be captured just like Zeth's. Keep bringing Michael out. He is deserving." Debbie B


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Back in 2014, I was having an affair. It was an illicit, sordid tryst that had been going on for some time. The man I was sleeping with was my peer, a man who had some control over whether my books succeeded or failed on certain platforms.

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