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New York, New York!

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Whew. What a ride.

So, I’m not exactly the most reliable blogger in the world. Honestly, for someone who writes for a living, I find this stuff really hard. Why, you ask? Probably because I’m not making stuff up when I write a post. It’s more like having a conversation, and I’m a pretty shy person believe it or not. Having a conversation with people can sometimes be really stressful for me.

Anyway, I don’t think I’m going to struggle with this particular post, because it’s all about NEW YORK, BABY!

Many of you will know Lili Saint Germain and I hosted an exclusive book signing in New York on the 22nd of November, and a lot of you may have even seen the pictures. If you haven’t, check out the top left hand side of my website and hit GALLERY and you’ll be treated to some shots of the night.

The signing was incredible. We were blessed with the most beautiful room to host the event in–the Fitzgerald Ballroom at the Affinia Manhattan–which had some seriously gorgeous chandeliers and stunning full length windows. A string quartet played contemporary rock such as Paint It Black by the Rolling Stones and songs by Coldplay, which was really bloody cool. We had a drinks bar with signature cocktails for our series, including the Dirty Dornan and the Dirty Duffel (they were chocolate based and edible! I mean, c’mon!) We also had two very handsome cover models, Gary Taylor and Vinny Lawdenski, who were just the icing on the cake.

But the most amazing, incredible thing about the whole night was YOU GUYS. The people who showed up. The people who’d bought tickets and travelled across the country, and in a couple of cases from OTHER countries, to participate and celebrate with us. Lili and I were humbled, touched and felt very honoured that so many of you wanted to join us in New York. I have to say, I don’t think I stopped laughing all night long. I loved meeting all of you–such an incredible, lively, hilarious group of women who have supported us and shown us so much love.

So I guess this post is a bit of a love letter to you guys. Thank you so much for coming and seeing us in New York. It means more than you will ever know.

Some of you may be wondering why we chose to do an event with just the two of us, and the answer is a simple one. It’s not that we’re anti-social and hate other authors; it’s because we love you guys and we both know how impersonal events can be when they become too big. We wanted to host an evening where people could relax and chat with us and we could actually spend time with you afterwards. We wanted to give you an intimate experience where you didn’t have to run off to make sure you could fit everything in. We really  do hope we’ve accomplished that.

Will we be doing another of these signings soon? Yes, definitely. Watch this space.

Will we never attend big book signings in the future? Of course we will. We understand sometimes the stars just don’t align and people can’t make an event like this, so we will definitely be on board for other signings in the future.

It would be really remiss of me to not close on another note of thanks, which has to go out to Nessa Leret, Manda Lee and Manda’s beautiful daughter, Tay. You guys broke your backs to make our celebration in New York so memorable and special. Without all the work you put in, the night would have turned out very differently indeed. Namely that Lili and I would have had nervous breakdowns and would have been rocking slowly on our chairs in an entirely empty room.

So much thanks from the bottom of our hearts.

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  • Susan Alexander

    Callie, it was an honor and pleasure to meet you and Lili. I loved how personal the event was, and how we got to spend time with both of you. It was a great venue, too. I’ve been to large author signings and I barely got to know the author. So, thank you for putting on the Masquerade event. Everyone was dressed beautifully and Gary and Vinny were the bomb. I know Australia doesn’t celebrate Turkey Day, but hopefully you’re enjoying your day or you’re writing more steamy, suspenseful stories. I can’t wait to read Rebel and anything else you publish. All the best! Susan

  • Callie_Hart_10

    thank you, Susan! I loved meeting you too <3 I hope you can make it to our future signings