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Sounds like Sin!


The Blood & Roses series  is coming out in audio in a mere few days, and I am flipping out! I haven’t been able to listen to the whole series yet,  but Audible have kindly sent me across some samples, and they are so, SO good!


It’s a very strange experience listening to someone voice your words out loud. Very surreal indeed. I can’t share any of the really naughty scenes, but let me tell you…I was fanning myself in places.


I’m lucky enough to have two very talented narrators reading the parts of Sloane and Zeth. I was a little nervous at first that they weren’t going to be able to pull it off, but from what I’ve heard they’ve both nailed it. Pardon the (totally intended) pun.

giphy jensen dance

The Blood & Roses Series had been combined into three books which will be on sale on the Audible website as of the 25th of August. As of yet, I don’t have any cover artwork or purchase links but as soon as I have them you know I’ll be sure to post them up for you guys!


Blood & Roses Series Book 1 – Audio Sample


  • Melissa

    I normally don’t like to listen to books but damn this was a good one. The reader did a great job.