Want something? Pax will take it from you.

Love something? Pax will destroy it.

Love him? Heaven help you. You’d have to be the stupidest person to walk the face of the earth.


I don’t do complicated. I sure as hell don’t do love. With graduation in sight, I’ve made it almost four years at Wolf Hall without getting tangled up in BS with girls.
I especially want nothing to do with her:
Presley. Maria. Witton. Chase.
The timid little mouse with the red hair, who can’t even look my way without hyperventilating. She’s nothing to me. Beautiful, sure, but I’ve had plenty of beautiful women.
I’m perfectly content ignoring her…
…until her life is suddenly in my hands.


I’ve loved him from the moment I laid eyes on him.
The cruel, inked anarchist of Riot House.
He’s wicked, and he’s cold, and there’s nothing good left in him.
I fear him almost as much as I crave him.
With only a few weeks left until graduation, all I have to do is keep my head down, and then I’ll be free; I can leave Mountain Lakes and my obsession with Pax Davis in my rearview mirror.
But the demons I’ve been hiding for years now are growing restless…
…and Pax is thing that will keep them at bay.

This is not an act of kindness.
Not an act of love.
Not an act of forgiveness.
You’ll find no redemption here.
This is the final riot.


RIOT ACT is a 137,000-word standalone book in the Crooked Sinners Series and does not end on a cliffhanger. This book contains dark content that may be considered a trigger for some readers, and as such is recommended for readers 17+

“Not only is this book the darkest, I’d say it’s also the deepest. It’s brilliantly poetic and even the painful moments are so woefully enthralling.”

— Lucid Quill.

“Callie delivered a perfect conclusion to the series. It’s captivating, suspenseful and full of sizzling chemistry. The rawness of emotions in this book is a solid punch straight to the heart.” 

— Weronika, Little Steamy Reads